WME Awards

Karen Dee Michalowicz Award for Exemplary Service 

   Lynda R. Wiest

Professor of Mathematics Education and Equity

University of Nevada, Reno

Lynda has been an active member of WME who has served as secretary and Advisory Board member, and who has contributed with publications, presentations, and research.  Most recently, she was the speaker at the WME Presentation at the 2012 NCTM  in Philadelphia.  Her articles in the journals, Teaching Children Mathematics, The Mathematics Educator, and School Science and Mathematics, have all focused on gender, equity, and resources.

Here are a few of the titles of  Lynda’s 24 publications:

    “Statistics  for Educators to Support Females in STEM”

    “Female Mathematicians s Role Models for All Students“

    “Quantitative Literacy for Social Justice”

   “Impact of  Mathematics and Technology Programs on Middle School Girls’ Attitudes 

    Toward Mathematics.”

Lynda has been the leader in organizing successful Out-of- School-Time (OST) programs for girls in Nevada.   Her presentations about OST included the summary of research-based benefits of the best practices and the personal impact on the girls in summer, after school, week-end, or on-line programs.  Her programs and her work focus on females in mathematics, especially low-income girls.   They are called Northern Nevada Girls’ Mathematics and Technology Programs.

Lynda has represented and served WME in many ways and brings her positive energy and leadership to address the goals of WME. She follows Karen Dee as she actively contributes to the mathematics education profession in her presentations,  publications, and programs. 

              ..Presented at WME at the NCTM 2013 Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado