Teacher Grant

Women and Mathematics Education

Teacher Grant Application

Due January 15, 2015

Announced February 14, 2015


WME members who have been members for 2 or more years may apply for a grant of up to $500.00 to assist in the implementation a project which supports the WME mission. Members who have been awarded a grant the prior year will not be awarded a grant during the current round, unless the Board decides to make an exception.  It is expected that a single page report indicating what was done and the result of the project will be submitted to the WME board within six months of project completion.


The application should contain the following:


1.   Name, position, affiliation

2.   Expected number of participants, and grade levels, of participants or number of individuals impacted by the project.

3.   A description of the project or research

4.   A statement indicating exactly how your project or research supports WME’s mission.

5.   A detailed budget indicating how all monies will be spent.  Include both WME grant money and monies from other sources.  Documentation in support of your budget will strengthen your application! 

 Contact Melissa Hosten at m.melissa.hosten@gmail.com