Student Affiliates Program

Want to form a student affiliate?

Here are the requirements

Section 1: Student Affiliates

Student affiliates are for university or college-based organizations run by and for pre-service teachers at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Section 2: Criteria for Affiliation
Student organizations granted affiliation with WME must meet the following criteria:
a) Purpose/mission that is aligned with the mission and goals of WME.
b) Plans for Affiliate and WME membership development.
c) Sponsorship by a current WME member.
d) Affiliate president must be current individual member of WME.
e) An active commitment to a project that is aligned with the goals of WME.
f) Governing rules that include non-restrictive membership and dissolution clauses.

Section 3: Approval of Affiliation
Recommendations that student groups be granted affiliation are presented by Board members for final approval by the Board.

Section 4: Affiliation Charter
A Charter is presented to each student group as evidence of affiliation.

Section 5: Dues
A student group shall not pay affiliate dues.

Section 6: Maintaining Affiliation
a) Affiliates are in good standing when they meet the following requirements:
    i. Current officer information is on file at WME.
    ii. Affiliate president has current individual membership in WME. (Student affiliates that are not in good standing are not                 eligible for services.)
b) Any student affiliate failing to submit current officer information and other required information shall have their Charter withdrawn.
c) A student group that has had their Charter withdrawn may re-apply for affiliation using the current criteria.

Section 7: Terms of Office
Each student affiliate shall establish a term of office for all its officers.

Section 8: Recommendations to Affiliates
a) Affiliates are encouraged to solicit membership in WME as well as in their group.
b) College students preparing to teach at the elementary or secondary school level should be informed about activities of area, state, provincial, and national groups of teachers of mathematics.

For more information, contact Jane Cushman