Equity Programs

Improving participation of girls and women in mathematics and science!

The National Girls Collaborative Project

The National Girls Collaborative Project™ (NGCP) is designed to reach girl-serving STEM organizations across the United States.


GirlStart is a non-profit organization created to empower girls to excel in math, science, and technology.


MentorNet is the award-winning nonprofit e-mentoring network that addresses the retention and success of women in engineering, science and mathematics


Using Visual Means To Challenge Stereotypes
This project  encourages scientific literacy, promotes the public's awareness and appreciation of science and technology, particularly for women and girls.

BEST is a public-private partnership with the goal is to improve diversity in mathematics and the sciences. It provides information on best practice methods for increasing participation of underrepresented groups.


A four week program for high school girls of all mathematical abilities. The focus is on problem solving, connections, confidence building, and a taste of college life.
Tutorials For Change
Gender schemas and science careers

 Dr Valian asks why so few women are at the top of their profession.  The data and theory from "Why So Slow?" are the starting point for the gender tutorials on this site.


Summer explorations and research collaborations for high school girls. A four week program for high school girls who want to experience a research-like atmosphere in mathematics.

The Greatest Women in Science

This webpage provides links to biographies of great women who have contributed to science.