Women and Mathematics Education
WME promotes the mathematics education of girls and women


    Mission Statement

1. Promote leadership among women in the broad mathematics education 
2. Serve as a clearinghouse for ideas and resources in the area of women and 
3. Effect change within the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 
(NCTM) and the
mathematics education community in general with regard to issues of women 
and mathematics.
4. Encourage research in the area of women and mathematics, especially research that identifies factors that contribute to the study of mathematics by women.
5. Emphasize the need for programs for students and teachers at all grade levels that help promote the study of mathematics by females.
6. Facilitate communications networks for specific interest groups, such as elementary teachers, secondary teachers, teacher educators, and doctoral students.
7. Encourage and organize programs and meetings focusing on women and mathematics at annual and regional NCTM meetings.
8. Publish a newsletter to serve as a general communications link among all educators concerned with the issues of women in mathematics.
9. Encourage and aid NCTM in developing programs, activities, and/or materials for students, teachers, and teacher educators, which promote awareness of the need for females to continue to study mathematics.
10. Monitor NCTM publications and programs for sexist assumptions, behavior and language.
11. Work cooperatively with other organizations to further our common goals.

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